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Meet the Cuppa Project

We like to create tools that improve and optimize our product development.

Cuppa CMS is an internal project that is constantly under development, with the aim to creating and customising content management. Its main feature is the simplicity and speed in which the developer can create an entire complex, comprehensive and user friendly content management system, without having to write any code. However, Cuppa CMS is not limited, and offers the possibility of creating unique components or personalized developments to instantly expand its functionality. This can all be done without learning a complex structure that could require hours of studying. There are no new concepts or methods to master.

This new CMS has the ability to adapt not only to the implementation of new sites, but to existing ones that wish to benefit from the perks of new content management systems without going through the process of migrating to them. Furthermore, one does not need an advanced knowledge of the platform that is being used in order to use it effectively.

Thanks to its entirely customizable interface and the availability of powerful and user friendly components that focus on managing tables, menus, users, permissions and languages, a fully authorized administrator can now be ready to work within minutes. This helps the developer to focus and invest their energy and skills at the front-end rather than the back-end.

Cuppa CMS for Everyone.

Our developers and customers have long benefited from Cuppa CMS and its features, and we would like you and your clients to benefit from it too. As a result, Cuppa CMS is in the process of becoming open source. We are currently working on the documentation and making improvements to the UI, but if you’d like to try a beta version of it, you can do so at

Main features

    • Automatic table management.
    • Menu manager.
    • User and user group management.
    • Unlimited permission management by groups of users.
    • Language file management.
    • Easy component creation.
    • Permission management by groups of users, with unlimited custom permissions.
    • Easy to install.
    • Easy front-end to back-end connection via Cuppa framework.
Meet the Cuppa Project
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Meet the Cuppa Project

We like to create tools that improve and optimize our product development. Cuppa CMS is an...

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